The Objectors – Overruled *NEW ALBUM OUT NOW!*


The Objectors release their first album. Bringing a more melodic and tuneful feel this time around. Although much of the album was written and produced by A.Jupp & R.Pring, we recruited other musicians to put their own stamp on the tracks.

We found harmonica and trombone genius J.White mid way through recording the album. J.Filtness  & R.Harvey contributed to the lead guitar duties.

We saw H.Jupp contributing to the backing vocals and drum direction with N.Brooks adding his subtle style of live FX.

This time around the writing and vocal duties were shared on Overruled. With tracks from M.Fullagar (Bang Bang) and J.White (Can’t escape the trap) producing some of the more catchy elements of the album.

Honing much more of an organic feel to the music, we have found the sets getting heavier during practice. With exciting times ahead The Objectors have gigs lines up & more to be announced.

Finally a BIG thank you to Obi3880 for the fantastic artwork

Thank you for all your support and we hope you enjoy the trip!

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The Biscuit Barrel #10 Mr Rose a.k.a DJ Buddhafinga

PBT vs Sharp Feat Ryan Harvey

Newest offerings from Professional Biscuit Thief & Sharp featuring superb licks from Ryan Harvey!

Free to download via the sound cloud & Bandcamp links

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The Biscuit Barrel #9 Lindsay Fabuglass

Series of interviews where we ask creative people about music, how it has shaped their lives and how it moves them creatively.

Many moons ago on my wedding day I recieved a wonderfull gift from a dear friend that told me someone in the Medway was painting and designing beautiful bespoke glasses for toasting at events and much much more. To say thank you I found Lindsay FabUglass facebook page and hit an immediate “LIKE”. So who is this creative designer and what makes her tick?




So tell us a bit about you and all of these amazing works and what exactly is Fabuglass?

In a nutshell, aside from chatting endless waffle online, drinking coffee and eating Oreos etc, I paint glass. I take standard ordinary glasses and create gifts that are way cooler and specific to the recipient than the usual high street offerings (I hope). I work primarily from Facebook and paint glass for tiny babies right up to 90 yrs olds. Birthday gifts, weddings, memorial pieces. If there’s an occasion- I’ve probably ‘FabUglassed’ for it. I have a kids plastic range and my most popular range to date is bespoke baubles. 
But realistically if were just ‘painting glass’ I’d of got bored of it a long while back and moved on. They started off fairly basic ie, names, an age, fave colours perhaps, but over time they’ve become much, much more personal. They create smiles, sometimes tears and even memories. It’s a privilege. It also happens to mean I can earn pennies from home and bring up my kids fulltime too.




What are you influences? Artistically/inspirationally? Favourite artists?

His is embarrassing- I’m not remotely cultured or educated in the arts. I did a study on H.R. Giger (artwork from Alien etc)  in my GCSE years (because I had to) and know that Damien Hirst did the artwork for the new 30 Seconds To Mars Album (only then because I have it)……


How long have you been creating?

I’ve been at it ever since I was old enough to pick up a pen, always doodling and making stuff. I went down the textiles route for my GCSEs , then discovered I could draw- I mean really draw, when I was doing my exam support work but never really knew where I wanted to take my skills. Fabric is still my favourite though if I’m really honest.


Do you express creatively in any other medium?

Fabric- wedding shops are like porn for me… all the textures, colours. I took a City and Guilds adult learning course just over ten years back and learned to pattern cut and would’ve loved to make a living in corsetry and bridal wear or as a costumier but when my son started crawling a few years back, due to lack of space and the fact that I’m none to careful with my stray pins etc I had to pack it all away for a while- about the same time as FabUglass was born in fact.




Does music play a role in your work?

I’m a bit of a gig junkie and LOVE my music. The last gig I went to was 30 Seconds To Mars (who I love, love, LOVE) at the O2 (which I hate, that place gives me vertigo just thinking about it- I love a smaller venue). My dear old Dad was a devoted Queen fan and there’s probably a different childhood memory for every one of their tracks. 

30 Second To Mars- Stronger (Live Lounge cover of Kanye)

When I’m sewing and I’ve a fresh project in the pipeline then I get a new album to go with it, like a soundtrack if you will…
My music tastes fly all over the place if I’m honest. Stereophonics, The Goo Goo Dolls, Richard Ashcroft, The Script, Snow Patrol, Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Florence and the Machine, Snow Patrol, MJ, love a bit of Usher and Rihanna and I’m not ashamed to say that even Westlife have a place in my music heart.


Stereophonics- Just Looking


Florence And The Machine- Breathe Of Life


Richard Ashcroft- Human Condition


Do you love the sound of breaking glass?

If I’m at home- hell no!!! For obvious reasons but otherwise I’m not bothered as long as it’s not me clearing it up ….
Randomly, I do love the sound of tearing fabric though (seamstresses everywhere are wincing at the thought)


Coolest youtube video you’ve seen lately?

As a huge Disney fan it’d have to be the one with the guy doing all the different character voices to ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen??


Favourite accomplishment?

I’ve never won any awards or prizes to speak of  and in my younger days I would’ve said when I’d jumped from a plane or bunjeed (is that even a word?) or something like that. I’m fresh off the back of a breakdown. I have PTSD. It’s been the toughest battle I’ve ever faced and I am still standing with my beautiful babies (one 17, one 4) and my extremely patient Mister. I have my family home and my business (through which I have made some amazing Facebook  friends).


If you could wake up tomorrow and for one day be any cartoon character what would you be and why?

She-Ra, The Princess of Power. She kicks ass just like HeMan but has much better hair. I spent my early years sporting a basin haircut (it was the 80s), that was enough!


What do you plan to do in the future artistically? expansion? other mediums? premises? etc…..

At the moment I’m trying not to sink the good ship FabUglass with the weight of my ‘mental cargo’. I’m still learning to balance stuff in the right way. It’s trial an error and the glass painting plays a HUGE part in my therapy. All the time I love doing it and folks are still sharing in the love then I’ll keep ‘FabUglassing’

Expansion: I started off perched on a stool in my kitchen with a shoebox full of paints and brushes- painting while waiting for dinner to cook. As FabUglass grew it took over my living room and much of our house. We moved in December  and I now have my own room. That’s about as much expansion as I can handle while being a full time Mummy. 
However, if I were to be approached by a huge company with endless pots of cash and asked to design a range or two for them to flog on the high street that would be awesome! A girl can but dream…. And keep painting in the meantime….
My goals are simple: health and happiness for my family. World domination can wait for a while.
Lyndsay Fabuglass can be found on facebook twitter or at her main website here at FACEBOOK/FabuGlass & Twitter @FabuGlass



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The Sweeps Festival 2014

Pre-album launch interview: The Objectors – “Overruled”


Pre-album launch interview: The Objectors – “Overruled”.

The Objectors @ Homespun


The Biscuit Barrel #8 Josh Carson

Series of interviews where we ask creative people about music and how it has shaped their lives.

Hailing from Rochester Josh is the Bassist behind the amazing sounds that make up Crybaby Special. We catch up with him to ask a few questions on life, music and much more…


Q. So when did you first pick up a bass?

JC: I got my first bass off a mate when I was about 17, it was a crappy encore one which I attempted to play with for about a week or so then I forgot I even owned it. But I guess I ‘properly’ picked up a bass in about 2011, just before I joined Crybaby.


Q. Do you play any other instruments?

JC: I’ve got a few acoustic guitar’s knocking about round my house which I tamper with every now and again. I’m getting a bit better…


Q. Got womb music? what was the song you remember over and over from your childhood?

JC: Womb music? that’s a new one on me. There’s two answers for this….the honest answer is probably Mr Blobby, but my pretentious cool answer is T Rex…fuck knows what song, but they were my dad’s favourite band.

Q.Crybaby Special released an album last year to great reviews and success are you guys planning a second any time soon?

JC: No plans on a second album any time soon, we’ve got a plan which we’ve discussed internally recently. We will be recording a song or two in the next few months. Maybe knock out a few singles…we’ve got a few ideas that are shaping up nicely.


Q. What you currently listening too?
JC: Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Prince, what with all these last minute show’s he’s being doing in London…but after two failed attempts at trying to get into the gig’s I don’t really want to listen to him anymore. He’s not in my good books.

Q. Heroes? got any?

JC: No not really, I’ve got favorite musicians and what not…Axl Rose being one, roll on the controversy! But no heroes as of yet.

Q.Best bass player of all time?

JC: Ha! Best bass player of all time? Brendan Esmonde from Theatre Royal and Bill Williams from Mourning Birds. Fuck Larry Graham, Duff Mckagan, John Entwhistle and John Paul Jones…they can do one.

Q. If the world lost all music which three tracks would you try to save?

JC: Love these questions. But in no particular order…

1. Guns N’ Roses – Rocket Queen
2. The Replacements – Left Of The Dial
3. The Clash – White Man in Hammersmith

Q. If you could be a computer game character for a day and what would you do?

JC: I’d be Tomb Raider, I always liked her outfit.

Q. How many times have you stepped on a lego brick and cried?

JC: Too many times to list……20120929_33640Finally, whats in the pipeline for you? got any plans? side projects?
JC: I’m thinking of joining the travelling circus, other than that. not much.
Mr Carson can be found at Facebook/Crybabyspecialandthemonsters

The Biscuit Barrel #7 – Ben Wood

Series of interviews where we ask creative people about music and how it has shaped their lives.

We introduce Ben Wood. A singer/songwriter based in Whitstable. Well know on the local open mic scene and beginning to get a band together to begin touring his tracks.  Lovely man with a great talent. 

What was your earliest memory of music as a child?

My earliest memory of music as a child is listening to 45 singles on a Sunday evening. Specifically R Dean Taylor There’s a ghost in my house.

What artist / group /band / song inspired you to play guitar?

As a small child the Bay City rollers, when i got older the guitar solo in Baker Street, and then Clapton, Pink Floyd and Hendrix.

Whats your favourite chord?

My favourite chord is B7

What are you listening to at present?

Daft Punk, Elliot Smith, Tenacious D Foo fighters,

You have the chance to be apart of a fictional band. Choosing any artist dead or alive to fill the following slots (guitar, bass, drums, keys etc) What would the band be called?

Ginger Baker, John Entwistle, Syd Barrett, Rick Wakeman, And the band would be called: Yowzer, due to the incredible noises it would make.What else could you say?

What’s your proudest moment in music?

My proudest moment is hearing 1000 people singing my own song back to me at the Whitstable regatta in 1990. Truly unbelievable experience, and one that still makes my bum shut to think about!

What is your most memorable concert or gig?

I saw The Who play Quadrophenia in Hyde Park in 1996, a really amazing gig. Also that day saw Jules Holland who was incredible too.

Choose three songs that define Ben Wood?

Long hot summer by Jimi Hendrix,

Trouble by Ray Lamontagne,

Disco Inferno by Trammps

Pick one album you have listened to over and over?

Ray Lamontagne Trouble, an album that I still find incredible, his voice is one of the most amazing things I have ever heard.

Tell us your feelings about the current state of modern music. Are you excited or frustrated by the future ahead?

I find music currently very frustrating, it is now an industry rather than a creative outlet, music needs to tell stories, and there needs to be a good variety that easily available although the digital era seems to be making different stuff more easily available if you know where to look.

Which decade of music most suits your personality.

Probably the 1990s mainly due to the variety of bands and music styles that were around. Pick a song from that decade or era.

Alive by Pearl Jam

Whats in the pipeline for the coming months?

I am beginning to move towards becoming an actual performing artist, writing and performing as a solo artist and also as part of a band. I am currently sourcing musicians, and beginning to practice the songs I have been writing. Then it will be trying to gig as much as possible. A very exciting time actually. Lots to look forward to.

Thank you kindly Mr Ben Wood. Some fine and certainly brave choices. But we wish you all the best for the future all the same.